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Weaving anywhere #2 and a story of stash busting.

Weaving anywhere is as natural to me as pulling out and scrolling thru their phones is to others. My '10 in Cricket is always dressed with a stash busting project. Recently, while on vacation to visit my parents, I started creating mug rugs or coasters. I warp my loom 40 or more inches with left over yarn from other projects. If I didn't have enough of the same yarn I use a coordinating color. The weft was created with smaller amounts of left over yarn. I love them all... they coordinate, yet they are different! After weaving I throw them in the wash to full them. Fulling is different from felting. Fulling is simply getting the wool wet, which allows the fiber to fluff.

The first photo is of my weaving while Cy swam at the neighborhood pool... I was going for a houndstooth, but got distracted ... by the pool? the 80 degree temp? by the great kid? and forgot my stitch. It turned out just fine (2nd one on left).

Weaving picture #2 was taken while we enjoyed Captiva... oh my, so awesome to play in the waves and to soak up the warmth of the sun. Purple goes with everything... right? I love them all! #homegrown #stashbuster #beachweaving #weaveanywhere #mugrugs #captiva #sunburn #salty #waves

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