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Naturally Dyed Yarn

I would love for everybody to enjoy the finest spinning fiber and yarn I am privilege to grow and use for creating. The physical and emotional rewards that accompany raising lovely sustainable wool goes far beyond the beauty of the final product. You’ve read that line if you’ve been here a while.

A super cool project is being released soon that I’ve been dyeing to share with you! Soon, very soon! And I’m dyeing my Merino skeins and Merino/Rambouillet blend skeins to compliment the project. I’ve dyed with cochineal, dahlia, marigold and marigold/ yellow onion and madder. I’m working on Logwood this week and on to Lac soon.

Yarn dyeing: I love all the colors and all the dyes. I love mixing different acid dyes and winging it to see the results. In my heart, however, I’m a natural dyer wanna be. I am amazed with all the beautiful colors shades that come from nature. We are so removed from out environment that many of us don’t know that beautiful colors come from the earth. I’m learning every time I drop those skeins into the dye. Patience and time is your friend I’ve learned. If you know me, you know I’m impulsive and it's gonna happen right now and if I screw up I'll fix it. If you are intrigued by natural dyeing there are a few folks who hav provide much motivation, guidance and support. Thanks TeDI @smallacrefarm, Emily @ @wool.and.palette Sharon @floraadorafibers, Kendra @knittyvet and so many others!

Thanks for reading.

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