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Fiber Friendships

Friends help friends.

I’m not great with words, but Lisa is. Lisa @afiberlife writes content for her pod cast. She shares stores about her beautiful Guanacos who grow the finest fiber in the world. It’s a great listen about her family’s journey beginning with thinking about raising Guanacos to a full send at Guanaco shepherding. Episodes include manure management, which cracks me up since we are traditional midwest farmers slinging manure from a Kuhn, thru Guanacos births and everything Guanaco. You will enjoy each episode found here:

Words are her strength, not mine. Her strength gave me the confidence when I was lacking. I hope you have friends that build you up. It is my wish that my strengths support and motivate others.

2 days friends, and my Log Cabin pattern is projected to be released from the Schacht Spindle Co website. I’m beyond proud… buuuut I bet you figured that out.

I have one more story to share about the pattern. Stay tuned for the final episode in Anne’s 9 month pattern release story !

Photo: log cabin created with our Columbia/Rambouillet blend dyed green and our gray Rambouillet/Columbia cross sheep: Trouble, Shirley and other gray rams and gals in the flock.

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