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Design a Stunning Color-way

When it comes to color, my eyes gravitate to green and purple. Throw in a splash of blue or yellow and I think I'm in heaven. The batt is a combo of gray Rambouillet fiber blended with purple, green, and a bit of yellow and blue Rambouillet/Columbia fiber. After spinning the colorful batts I plied those singles with a single from our Bar J Bar ram's fleece from 2017 shearing. He was a huge fellow with a ton of fiber so I'm still working thru it. I plan to use this yarn to make my first woven skirt. Stay tuned for that! The gals pictured in the group are not the actual fiber donors, but friends and sisters of the stars.

Homegrown gray combed top blended with purple, blue, green, and a bit of yellow Rambouillet/Columbia.
March 2019 Spinning Box Contribution

May 2019 Spinning Box batt:

This month the theme is Down on the Farm. You'd think I could come up with just about any idea for a color combo that relates to farming. I really wanted to use plum and brown though. May is our anniversary month, and purple & pink tulips were our wedding flower, so I combined the tulip idea with the colors to create something even lovelier than last month's color way... the yarn below is what I will use along with the pink, plumb and brown yarn (yet to be spun) to weave something fabulous... the yarn will speak to me and let me know what she wants to be... so until then. #thespinninbox

Just a video of a good mother and her cute lambs... #elizabeth

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