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Updated: Apr 10, 2019

The fellow in the kayak enjoys his life on the farm, but he loves being out and about playing with any kid. I, on the other hand, really like to stay home and fit in a bit of weaving or spinning everyday. Both are pretty hard to accomplish when other work needs to be done. Fortunately with this fiber equipment I can weave while we are enjoying other events! This weaving started at Crafted QC during a class, I took it to the lake to weave while Cy kayaked and finished it at a sheep show. The yarn is homegrown Rambouillet and Columbia combined, mill spun at Ewetopia Fiber Mill in La Farge, WI, and dyed by me. The green started out as turquoise dye, but the yellow bled into it. I like this better. I like the color patterns that evolve even though I'm using a basic weaving pattern.

The same loom went to a sheep show with me. That's Becca Bervin's ram lamb in the background! After I finished off the above scarf, I warped the below in the hotel, and got busy weaving while waiting for the show. People stop and watch and ask, "What are you making?", "What are you doing?" One fellow thought I was sewing!! I like the opportunity to explain to people that I'm using either my homegrown/mill-spun, or homegrown/homespun yarn. They watch the shed open and the shuttle pass thru and the heddle beat and switch from one position to another... I hear "Oh, that's how it works!" a lot. People are intrigued by the process and compliment the beauty. I like the chance to teach others about the art.

Cy and I spent a lot of time in Rock Island at Schwiebert Park while Will rehearsed at QC Music Guild for the"Mame" production. Cy loves the splash park and the playground. He is happiest around kids! I love to walk the Mississippi River front and view the sunsets. I needed more yarn to finish weaving a blanket, so I took my Sidekick, a lightweight spinning wheel, along. The conversations that this started and the attention I got was a bit overwhelming, but I got my yarn done, and saw a beautiful sunset that night... while Cy splashed with the kids! A win-win!

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