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We run a flock of over 50 Polypay ewes and 60 Columbia, Rambouillet, and Natural Colored ewes.We provide breeding stock for shepherds and shepherdesses all over the country. Our sheep also provide beautiful fleeces for fiber artists from coast to coast. 


We purchased our farm in 1998. We bought our first Polypay ewes in the spring of 1999 and attended our first National Show and Sale that summer to pick out our first ram. Over the years we've enjoyed success at county and state fairs and national shows. We take pride in selling quality breeding stock and hearing back from buyers about their success. 


We harvest over 1,000 pound of wool annually. We carefully prep our Polypay, Rambouillet, Columbia and Natural Colored fleeces for mill processing. Over 300 pounds of combed top, roving and yarn come home from a variety of midwest fiber mills yearly for personal use and for sale. We also sell raw fleece to repeat customers from Oregon to Virginia and south to Florida. "Sweatn' Bullets", and the Natural  Colored Champion Ram from the 2019 Midwest Stud Ram Show were  our top stud rams.We now use "Anthem" from the Keene flock out of MN and there are several other up and coming herd sires. Our Polypay buck is from Big Prairie Polypays of Illinois.

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