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It's been years since we've had Illinois grown Polypay roving in our shop. It's squishy soft with great bounce. This is the lamb clip, so extra soft!! Polypay wool takes dye beautifully. 

Such a cool fiber ... the breed is a cross between Finn, Dorset, Rambouillet and Targhee. Each breed has a personal benefit and together they make exceptional spinning fiber. This fiber is sold by the ounce... get a couple or a whole bunch! There is some VM left in the wool as these gals live in a barn & pasture and have  You'll be glad you tried Polypay fiber! In case you haven't read my article about Polypay wool, follow the link! 


Hurry, I only have a limited amount; when this is outa here it'll be a long long time before I have more. 

Polypay Roving sold by the ounce

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