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The Log Cabin pattern is written for 2 skeins of yarn contrasting colors. 


The skeins can be purchased separate for $20 each. Please email for that option. 


Photo 1 The orange is created with our homegrown Merino yarn DK 3 ply 130 yards, so perfect to be color A or B in the pattern. It's dyed with Dahlias grown on our farm

The beautiful brown is yarn from a lamb out of our Gunsmoke ram and his friend Babe.  These parents are famous in the eyes of long time natural colored breeders. The brown skein is  2ply DK 240 yds. You'll have enough for Color A and about 110 yards left over for another project. 


Photo 2. Orange yarn and and tan/oatmeal yarn. We blended our Merino and Rambouillet wool to create this origninal Leaf Livestock tan/oatmeal yarn. You will love the shade and the feel of this yarn. 


Photo 3   Orange yarn and our Merino gals spun up into yarn. This is the softest yarn my sheep have ever grown.


Photo : Orange Dahlia yarn and Trouble, Shirley, our lead ram who doesn’t have an official name and a couple other gray ewes collaborated to create this beautiful soft yarn. You will love this beautiful shade and squish!


All of the naturally dyed yarn has been rinsed thouroughly, but there may still be some color "bleed out" during the rinsing phase of the project. No worries, it will not discolor the other yarn permanently.


The purchase includes a copy of the Log Cabin pattern published by Schacht Spindle Co and a video of me weaving the pattern. 

Log Cabin Weaving Kit: Forward thru 4 photos to see 4 yarn choices.

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