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The Log Cabin pattern is written for 2 skeins of yarn contrasting colors. Color A 


Photo 1 The green is created with our homegrown Rambouillet & Columbia wool (80%) and a friend's alpaca (20%) fiber DK 3 ply 120 yards; it's perfect for color B in the pattern.

The beautiful brown is yarn from a lamb out of our Gunsmoke ram and his friend Babe.  These parents are famous in the eyes of long time natural colored breeders. The brown skein is  2ply DK 240 yds. You'll have enough for Color A and about 110 yards left over for another project. 


Photo 2;   Green yarn and the other skein is our Merino gals spun up into yarn. This is the softest yarn my sheep have ever grown.


The purchase includes a copy of the Log Cabin pattern published by Schacht Spindle Co and a link to a video of me weaving the pattern with tips. 

Log Cabin Weaving Kit: Forward thru 2 photos to see 2 yarn choices.

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