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This yarn is a super soft blend of our natural brown Rambouillet and Columbia wool. It's 2 ply, DK weight, perfect for any project with a lovely drape. It can be over dyed.  I have sweater or blanket quantity of this yarn. It sells by the oz. One oz is approximately 65 yards.


**This yarn is on cones and I skein and wash before I ship. I have this natural gray yarn in blanket or sweater quantity.  It's DK weight & about 65yds/oz 5$/oz. I skein. I wash when I get an order, so the yarn will be shipped when dry.


This yarn passes a tug test, but it's is a bit weak. I use if for warp on a RH Loom, because I know what to expect. For someone unfamiliar with its strength, I'd recommend not using it for warp. It's perfect for all fiber arts.

Brown Rambouillet/Columbia blend yarn

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