Mill Spun Yarn

Rambouillet 3 ply: 
We have worsted, DK and sport weight yarn created out of our wool. My favorite is a 3 ply white, gray and brown Rambouillet.  
Rambouillet/Columbia Yarn
2 ply, DK 77 yards/oz:
Soft, fluffy, and springy. This yarn takes dye beautifully.
Custom dyed for a weaver.  Contact me with your color choices! This is the yarn we use for our dyeing class. It comes in 1 or 2 oz skeins. $5.oo per oz natural, $6.00/oz dyed by me!
Brown Rambo 2 ply: 
DK weight, 294 yd. in four oz. skeins. This is currently out of stock; our brown Rambouillet/Columbia fiber is at Ewetopia Fiber Mill being prepped into yarn. 
Yarn created from our Bar J Bar Ram: 
This guy's fiber is super fine. Its color is more black/gray than brown. 2 ply
DK weight, 294 yd. in four oz. skeins.